Chandralekha Tonkinese

How we rear our kittens

All of our kittens are home-reared and socialised regularly, they are bred indoors, within the family, they have full run of the house during the day, but are kept in the kitchen at night, simply for our sanity!!

We do allow our cats outside, but, we have a cat run, which allows them to have an enjoyable (but safe!) run around. However, although our older cats are allowed outside, the kittens are not. Simply because many people do prefer to have indoor cats.

As well as wonderful personalties from being socialised widely, the kittens also come with a goodie bag!! We provide all new owners with a portion of the cat food, and biscuits that they have been brought up with. It also comes with a selection of toys and a blanket to remind them of home! As an extra treat, new owners will also receive a keyring with a photo of the kitten they have bought.

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